Here at Fable’d Studios, our goal is not only to share our stories, but to help you share yours, and one of the best ways to do that is through pictures.  The right picture can capture so much more than just a face or a place but it can capture an entire feeling, an emotion, a complete memory.  We are here to work with you so that your memories and your stories can take on a life of their own.

What’s included in a photo session?

Each photo session lasts roughly two hours and results in up to 100 fully edited digital files, which will belong to the client.

As noted, we want to tell your story.  We want to help you develop a photo story that incorporates the things you love, the places you enjoy and the people you will always remember.  Once a session is booked, we will consult with you to plan your shoot and incorporate the things and places that are special to you.

Props and outfit changes are welcome.

What kind of photography do we offer?

We love working with families to create a photo story that feels uniquely their own.  Our passion for photography lies in the preservation of honest moments, which is why our sessions revolve around a lifestyle approach.  Posed portraits are taken, but the real magic comes when the client forgets about the camera and interacts with the people they love.  We encourage our clients to talk to one another, to play with one another and to forget we’re there.

Where will your shoot take place?

We are now offering photo sessions in the Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice and Sarasota areas.  The actual location of the shoot is entirely your choice, but we will consult with you on location ideas if you so desire.  We love the diversity of surroundings that photography offers, so whether you want a wooded setting, a beach backdrop or something more architectural, we are here to help you get the portraits you want, where you want them.

Some of the best stories are those we tell together, so book now and let’s tell a story!


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