There is this saying, “When it rains, it pours,” and that saying has never felt more true than it did this past week.  Thankfully, in retrospect, you start to appreciate the fact that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been (no one was hurt or anything), but it’s certainly been a tough week with no real let up.  Of course, pictures aren’t going to reflect that, because the version of ourselves (and by extension, our lives) that we sell on social media isn’t always the most honest; it’s the version we wish into existence.  And, if it is reflective, we at least try and pretty it up a bit.

In a nutshell, my week consisted of a broken AC unit (which was in need of complete replacement due to the age of the unit), a leaky roof (like, straight up water dripping in the house) and a broken range door, that just decided to explode in the middle of the night.  Did you know that that was a thing?  Apparently the glass door to your oven could, without warning, decide to explode.  We were awoken in the middle of the night by what sounded like someone breaking into the house only to find glass all over our kitchen floor.  And this all happened in a two day time period.

I definitely felt like running away.

But, you can’t.  You can’t just run away from life.  It’s rather funny since Jon and I were having this conversation about ignoring problems just a few days before my house decided it wanted to collectively fall apart.  We we joking about how sometimes you ignore a problem long enough it goes away, and then other times you ignore a problem only to have it become far worse than you expected it to be.

Leaky roof…not a problem to ignore, but after getting the estimates to replace the roof, I kind of want to ignore it.  Can I just throw a tarp up and call it a day?  Buy myself another year or two?  I wish I was handy.  I’ve been conditioned to stay inside where it’s air conditioned and work on my computer.  My poor son, but seriously, I don’t know how to do much of anything ‘handy’, but have always lucked out by having friends who were.  Case in point, my roof starts leaking and a dear friend shows up with some tar and a ladder (I have a ladder, but it’s wood, short, rickety and barely good enough to use on a photoshoot) and next thing you know we are patching my roof.  Didn’t do a well enough job, since it’s still leaking, but I was grateful beyond words for the help because I had no idea what I was about to do.

Is it bad that the entire time I was up on the roof I was thinking to myself, “I wish I had my camera…it would be so cool to get the kid’s pictures up here.”  Granted, if I got the kids on the roof in the condition it’s in now, my son would for sure be going through it.

It doesn’t help that the roof is going now, during our rainy season.  It’s rained every night this week and every time I pray that it’s not long enough to start leaking.  So far we’ve been fortunate, and hopefully we can get something started soon, but most contractors are booked about 3-months out, and getting someone to come out and even give an estimate has been a real pain.  They must be busy!

Alas, such is life.  You have to just roll with the punches.  We spent most of the week at my parent’s house, since we had no AC in the house.  In fact, we had no AC for nearly a week, and when your house is a steady 90 degrees, you find any reason you can to not be in it.  It’s meant that I’m way behind on work, with a wedding to finish editing as well as a vow renewal, but there was just no way to get anything done when you’re sweating like a pig.  So we spent a lot of time in my parent’s pool, or out driving around looking for places to take pictures.

Yes, despite being overheated, I made my kid’s pose for pictures.

Being at my parent’s definitely gave me some new surroundings and staging for my daily portraits, which was nice.  Silver linings, right?  The kids like it when they can be active and have fun and not really have the pose for their pictures anyways, so letting them jump in the pool and catching glimpses of them while they were just relaxing poolside was a nice change of pace to their usual dramatic stare downs.

Although, the week wouldn’t be complete without a few of those too.

Well, the week is behind us now.  We have AC, which makes everything feel less horrible, truly.  We still don’t have a new range, but at least the glass is cleaned up (it was cleaned up the same night, mind you, but you get what I mean) and the roof is still…leaky…but hopefully that will get taken care of soon.  Adulting isn’t always the funnest thing.  My wife and I have been homeowners since we’ve been married (this is our third home) and so you have to deal with these kinds of inconveniences from time to time, but this is the oldest home we’ve owned, and while it was very well taken care of, everything has decided to ‘go’ at the same time, which just means that we have to prioritize what we get done when.

You’d think the roof would be at the top of the list; but spend a weekend in a 90 degree house with no way of cooking food and then you tell me what you want to get fixed first!

Oh, wait, there I go ignoring that leaky roof problem.  Didn’t I say that was a bad idea.

Talk to me about that next week.

Song of the Week: TEN TOES

This week I discovered Tobe Nwigwe.  I’m hooked.  He could very well be the new voice of Hip-Hop, and if that were to happen I’d be thrilled.  His delivery is smooth, yet laced with a gruffness that feels grounded, and raw.  He’s like Outcast, if Outcast were one individual.  His entire mixtape is incredible, but most of it was released earlier in the year (CHILL is my new obsession).  He released TEN TOES this week, and it has such a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  He keep dropping singles so I’m hoping we’ll get a full album to place atop that killer mixtape.

Big Red Machine also dropped a few singles onto Spotify (previous released elsewhere on the Web) and they are pretty good, with Forest Green being a standout.  I’m very intrigued by this project, mainly because half of the act is Justin Vernon, AKA Bon Iver, and he’s kind of amazing so I’m anxious to see how the full album goes for Big Red Machine.

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