Well our week in Florida visiting Seth and his family has come to a close and my wife and I are back in Texas again. It’s always a lot of fun to get together with them, even though it is also very exhausting (but in a good way). My days typically consisted of waking up around 7:30am and then staying up hanging out and playing games till around 1-2:00am and then doing it all again the next day.

As Seth mentioned in his post on Monday much of our trip revolved around food. We would plan our trips and activities around where we wanted to eat that day. As well as trying to plan places to take photos together. Unfortunately that was the one part of our trip that didn’t work out too great. It rained every day we were there. And not just the normal rain showers of Florida summers, this was near constant storms and heavy downpours. Not good weather to want to pull a camera out in.

In the whole week there was only about 2 hours were we got to take pictures together. We all went into St. Pete (for Grilled Cheese and Ice Cream) and brought our equipment to do pictures with his kids around all the amazing graffiti walls. Honestly I felt a little lost getting going as he was posing his 2 daughters in front of different spots. Working with people doesn’t fall into my comfort zone and I didn’t want to get in his way as he is trying to get his kids to hold certain poses and look in the right directions. So I did what felt right to me and took a step back (quite literally) and took photos from behind him when possible or from different angles than he was working to try and capture the behind the scene moments. And I really liked how they turned out.

Unfortunately within the first hour it started downpouring and forced us to take refuge in a parking garage. But on the flip side his kids were willing to run out into the rain and get soaked so that we could still take pictures from inside the structure.

I took what posed photos I could alongside Seth and actually like how some of them turned out. But again my favorite photos came from the times when I was taking pictures of what wasn’t going on. When Seth would be working with just one of his girls and the other would just be sitting or leaning against the fence waiting for her next direction.

These aren’t photos you’d want to print and hang on your walls. They don’t show the smiles and poses, but to me there is something so appealing about the “real life” feelings captured in these images.

I’m now waiting for Seth to get to his pictures that he took from this same trip and see how his turned out. He has been swamped in editing around 800 photos from a party he was hired for and as of yet hasn’t gotten to really get into his pictures from this shoot. Hopefully by next week I will be able to compare some of my stuff to his and see the differences.

Learning from learners

Another great thing that came from being together was getting to watch him do his editing on photos. As I mentioned last week I noticed how different our processes were from each other when it came to editing photos. We are both self taught when it comes to working Lightroom and so our skills have become focused in different aspects. He is able to add a lot more dramatic feel to his photos, but I have a bit more technical knowledge about how certain editing tool function and work. So being able to sit together working through pictures we were able to share a lot of knowledge back and forth and we both ended the week with some really helpful tips and tricks. (Several of which I was able to apply to the photos I did above which I think helped add something I’ve been missing).

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