The Rains Came

It’s summer in Florida, and that means that it rains…every day.  I think I’ve complained about this a bit already, but here I am again talking about how rain has effected by week.  It’s not that I’m truly opposed to the rain, since it’s a good thing and it has created such a lush environment around me, but when you’re working in a profession where your clients want the sun out and their bodies dry, rain can be a problem.  It makes it even more aggravating when your clients are on vacation and so they don’t have time to reschedule over and over again.

I ran into that issue this week while working with a wonderful family on holiday here in Sarasota.  Our initial shoot was scheduled for Tuesday night, but upon pulling into the beach parking area I saw that the crowds were fleeing as the rains came down.  It’s so hard to determine a course of action with regards to these Florida showers because they aren’t always trustworthy.  There are so many times when the forecast says rain and the clouds circling above scream that the forecast is right…and yet not a drop falls; and then there are other times when the forecast says light showers for a small increment of time and it turns out to be torrential downpour for hours.

So, Tuesday got moved to Wednesday that turned into yet another lasting shower and so we decided that a morning shoot was preferable considering that their vacation was nearing an end and they really wanted family pictures before heading home; so Thursday morning I finally met this family and we had a wonderful time capturing some of their daughter’s first moments on a Florida beach.

While I love the whole of the time I get to spend with these families, my favorite part is always the end.  By this I don’t mean the part where I get in the car and go home, but the part where we’ve finished getting all the shots they have on their ‘check list’ and I get to watch them just relax into the shoot.  I get to just follow them around and capture those candid moments of interaction, where they’re more likely to get in the water or play in the sand and not cringe when their kids get dirty.  I love being able to capture the reality of a moment with my clients; telling the real story of their vacation or their family or their life, as it were. 

So, it doesn’t shock me that many of my favorite shots from their session came when no one was paying attention to the camera.

I’ll have more from this session up later this week

Running on Empty

The rains haven’t just been playing games with my photo shoots; they’ve also been throwing a wrench in my running schedule.  Well, they’re one of the many things throwing wrenches in that schedule, not the least of which is my lack of motivation to just force myself to get out there.  I had two great weeks of consistent runs, but being in the early stages of putting myself back in that routine, I’m allowing almost anything to cut in the path.  From work to rain to company to kids, I seem to be finding a lot of excuses to be staying in instead of hitting the pavement.

Let’s hope I get out there tonight. 

That’s the plan at least…

Space Jam

I’m often baffled with what excites my children and how attached they find themselves to things that I can tell don’t interest them nearly as much as they put on.  Being so young your influences come from familiar things, and once something has been ‘approved’ by something or someone you love, there is this urge felt to love it as well.  I tell my children to think for themselves and not let Disney stars mandate what they find cool or exciting, but then I remember my youth and my likes at the time and realize that it’s something they’ll grow out of as they get older.

Or not…

I mean, even as adults, the things we try and or connect with often come from product placement hidden (or not hidden) within the fabric of things we already love and feel comfortable with.

Anyways, it’s not always a bad thing.  Trying new things is a part of discovering who you are, just as long as you don’t allow peer pressure to change you into something that doesn’t make you comfortable.

I thought about this a bit over the weekend while I was sitting at a local basketball game cheering on the son of a close friend.  I’m not a sports person and never have been, but as a child I convinced myself I was a basketball fan.  I never watched a single game, but I had a favorite player and a favorite team and I did play in my driveway with family (and I wasn’t too bad, for a while at least), and I had jerseys and hats and trading cards and video games.  From an outward appearance, I was a fan.  I knew nothing about the game, and so if any of my friends who were true fans engaged me in conversation about the game, it would have been revealed rather quickly that I was a ‘poser’, but thankfully we were young enough that finding something else to talk about, no matter how trivial, was easy to do.

Why did I pretend to love basketball so much?

The simple answer is that I loved Looney Tunes (in particular Wiley E. Coyote) and basketball was Looney Tune approved.  I had the shirts and the video games to prove it, and if they thought it was cool then I thought it was cool.

Watching my friend’s kid play his heart out this past Saturday made me appreciate the game in a way I hadn’t before, though.  There was pure passion in his eyes as he darted across the court and snatched rebound after rebound, weaving around other kids with their eyes on a prize only one team would get.  His face read every emotion he felt and even though I was repeatedly confused as to which team was ahead (didn’t help that the scoreboard was behind the bleachers), I could tell how it was leaning based on the glare in his eyes.

Not sure the experience will make me invest any extra time in the sport…I’m old enough to know where my true interests lay…but I’d certainly watch him play again and I enjoyed myself enough to see the sport’s actual merits, cartoons aside.

So, those are my thoughts for the week.  I’ll leave you with ten more songs on my playlist.  I edit photos to them…maybe you’ll shoot hoops to them!

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