We all eat out at some point; for some of us it’s more than others, for me it’s a daily occurrence. Everyday when I leave my office for lunch I’m faced with the grueling decision of where to eat. I’m almost always eating lunch by myself, and I don’t want to go to a restaurant to get food alone, so it’s always a choice between 8 or 10 different fast food places around me. Most of the time it’s not a choice of what I “Want” to eat, but more a question of what food am I sick of the least to eat today.

But on certain rare occasions I get to make plans with a friend to meet up for food, and on those times I don’t want to go eat fast food, or eat at one of the franchise restaurants that’s in every city across the country. I want to eat somewhere where the food stands out, where the meal enhances the experience of spending time together. This doesn’t always mean expensive; some of these places are on the cheap end and other times, yes, the meals run a few dollars more, but to me it’s worth it to be able to share in the experience, and I end up remembering these moments longer and with more clarity.

I think that’s why I enjoy this YouTube channel so much.

It’s two guys, Steven and Andrew (plus the ever present camera man Adam) going out trying the same food at 3 different places, ranging from cheap to extremely expensive and then each saying which experience they found the most Worth It for the price.

Watching these episodes makes me both jealous I don’t live in L.A. so that I can go to these same places and also really makes me want make plans with friends to try new things. There is something really bonding about sharing new things with people you love. Even if the food is horrible or the overall experience was less than stellar, the time spent together makes up for it.

And then also there’s the food they get to eat. The stuff they get to try sounds incredible. A few of my favorite episodes would be:

$2 Hot Dog vs $169 Hot Dog
$1 Taco vs $47 Taco
$24 Korean BBQ vs $346 Korean BBQ

I especially loved the Korean BBQ episode. I’ve heard of and have seen Korean BBQ places all my life but never knew what they were. Unfortunately in my culturally uneducated head I always just pictured plates of the little red ribs you see in Chinese food buffets, and now I feel really bad about that image because of how amazing Korean BBQ looks. I never knew it existed before and now I really really want to eat it.

Adam (left), Andrew (center), & Steven (right) enjoying Cheesecake

And even when the food they are eating isn’t making me jealous, the relationship Steven and Andrew have with each other makes me still enjoy watching them. They are hilarious together, and the occasional on-screen inclusion of their near silent third, Adam the sound guy, always makes me smile. I have really enjoyed watching their friendship grow as they have done these videos together. When Andrew first joined Steven on episode 3 you could tell they were still getting used to each other, but with each new episode and experience they go through they become better and better together.

At the end of each episode they almost never agree which was the most Worth It, which is the way it should be. Everyone has different ideas of value. For some it’s a place you can stop whenever you want and get a good cheap taco, for others it’s that special place you can have a date and know it will be an amazing experience, and still other times it’s that once in a lifetime place you know you will never go again but will stay in your mind for the rest of your life.

I really hope these two continue touring their city’s food and I highly recommend checking them out for yourselves.