It’s very easy to take things for granted in today’s world. We live in a period of abundance, anything you want or need is available for purchase from most mega-marts. This is not to say that everyone has the financial access to these products, but it’s all available and ready to go out there. If you need clothes there’s racks of them to choose from. If you’re hungry you can go to the store and pick up food, or go get fast food, or sit in a restaurant whose sole purpose is to cook for you.

But, what if you had to make your own food? And I’m not talking about walking into the kitchen and making your own sandwich. I mean what if you had to make your own bread, grow your own lettuce, get your own milk to make your own cheese, slaughter your own meat, and so forth. And the more you get into it the harder it gets.

Want to bake some bread?  You can make a really simple bread with just 3 things; flour, salt, water. But you have to make your own flour…..grow your own wheat, harvest it, thresh it, grind it. Salt? Got to get that yourself somehow too. It’s not just about the final product it’s also the steps required to get each ingredient along the way.

So why do I bring this up? Well it’s to highlight a YouTuber I have recently re-discovered. I first came across him back in mid 2015 when he was doing his first video series. He set out to make his own chicken sandwich. He spent 6 months and $1500 going out and gathering each ingredient needed. And he didn’t try to skimp on the items, he set out to get each item you’d normally want on a sandwich if you had everything sitting around your house, meat, cheese, mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, the works. And how did it taste? Well in his own words……….(reaction video here)

“It’s not bad……….that’s about it. It’s not bad. Six months of my life for “not bad”. Yeah. *Laughs and hangs head*”

Yeah this is not a show about how much better things are when you really put forth the effort to do them yourselves. No, it’s more about appreciating the things around us and recognizing all the work that goes into items we take for granted everyday. This is not to say that everything he tries ends horribly. I just watched his videos on traveling to Mexico to harvest and process his own chocolate and those ended up tasting pretty good. Like most things in life, some things turn out better than others.

This show reminds me a lot of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe,  just not as dirty. But there’s a reason this show is not on TV. The guy doing these videos, Andy George, is no Mike Rowe. Mike is a TV personality; he’s witty, charming, and never at a lost for words. Andy is……. not these things. He is just a normal guy, and honestly I really like that. He is exactly what I would expect from a typical guy and I can really relate to him. I feel like I would be a lot like him if I tried to do the same thing.

But what he does excel at is his video skills. These are well shot, well edited and very informative about the subject he is working on. He does his research and does a great job at presenting the facts and history about how our modern items came to be. So if you’ve every wondered what it would be like to have to make your own everyday items I recommend checking him out.

Andy George’s How to Make Everything

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