I am a heavy YouTube user, I love to learn and watch things being made and be entertained, and sometimes I get the weirdest recommended videos pop up on my screen. Sometimes these odd videos lead me to really fantastic YouTubers, and I wanted to highlight one here that I just recently found who I have really enjoyed.

He has answered so many random questions I’ve had pop into my head over the years, all having to deal with one subject. Blindness.

  • Why do drive thru ATM’s have braille?
  • How do blind people find a braille sign?
  • Do blind people see in their dreams?
  • How do they comb their hair and pick their clothes?

Tommy Edison has was born blind, and about 4 years ago he started a YouTube channel called The Tommy Edison Experience He is such a happy and enjoyable person you just can’t help but like him. Every week he answers a new question about what it’s like to be blind. He’s open, honest, and makes you laugh with his answers.

And he runs a 2nd channel Blind Film Critic where he reviews movies based purely on what he gets from them, story line, performance and soundtrack.

I have greatly enjoyed his videos so far and I really appreciate him being a source of information for questions that I would otherwise have no answer to.  Thank you Tommy for sharing your stories with us.

The Funny Side of Being Blind – Tommy Edison

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