“This is stupid”

“This is a horrible idea”

“Why did I ever think I could do this”

For me the creative process can be incredibly frustrating. Especially trying to do something for the first time. I have this idea in my head that seems perfect, and then as soon as I sit down and try to put it onto paper or bring it to life, it’s like the whole thing crumbles.

Things don’t flow as easy as I thought they would. I run into issues that I didn’t think of before and suddenly I start doubting myself. My perfect plan now seems like a badly thought out idea and I just want to give up.

This is what is currently going on with my newest project. I had recently read a book where the main protagonists were forced into becoming pirates, and reading about the ships, storms, and adventures on the sea really got me excited to make a pirate themed card game.

That excitement lasted as long as it took me to start sketching out my ideas onto paper. Now I see the holes in my original idea and struggle to find a way to fix them. It gets frustrating and feels overwhelming; like it’s not worth trying to fix. That’s when I have to walk away from it for awhile and find a fresh way to approach the problems.

And that’s why I’m now blogging. This is my break and outlet, to not only share my frustrations, but to also re-invigorate myself about my idea. As I sit here and write I can feel myself still working away at the problems in the back of my head, approaching things from new angles and not beating my head and depressing my will.

I think trying to write it out on paper is the wrong way to go forward. So I just ordered 500 blank playing cards from Amazon that will be here Friday (thank you free 2 day shipping). From there I can quickly create some decks and move things around and get a better idea of what’s working and what’s getting in the way.

And with that I’m now pumped up again! 🙂 Oh Friday why must you be so far away…….

For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it – Romans 8:20

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