Greetings all! I am another part of this creative start up. But my creative outlook differs from that of my friend. I have always enjoyed learning about the world around me. I wanted to make things with my hands, fix things that were broken, and understand why things worked the way they did. But I didn’t grow up creating and acting out stories of my own, in fact I used to look around at the kids my age pantomiming imaginary adventures and wonder what was wrong with them. I just didn’t understand imaginary friends and pretending to interact with invisible creations. You see…. I lacked the imagination.

It wasn’t until I got older and began reading sci-fi and fantasy books that I realized the true power of imagination. It was no childish waste of time, but an amazing resource when it came to solving problems. I was fascinated by authors who could weave these engaging tales, get their characters into desperate situations that had no way out and then blow your mind with solutions you never saw coming. This ability to look at things from a wider angle, to not get so focused on a single problem in front of you that you fail to consider simply walking around it. To me this is the amazing power of stories. The insight we can all share with each other that can make us stop and look at things differently in our own lives. Through stories we help those around us without even knowing it sometimes.

As this realization bloomed in my head it also came with a desire to take part in the creation of something of worth and value as well. For me this will probably never be the writing of my own book. I’ve dabbled in some writing in the past, but after a few pages I feel done. I’ve no desire to take stunning photos. The pictures I snap are just for me. I have plans to try my hand at creating a game or two. I think it will be fun, but we’ll see how it goes. But there is one thing above all that I am excited about, and that’s working with others to help bring their ideas to life. And that’s what I want this company and community to be about. And if we can make that happen then that will truly be something of worth.

To end I’d like to leave with my favorite thing I learned from someone else’s story.

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with the closest.

Basically if you spend time with people that are better than you, you will become better. I honestly believe this and I am proud to be running this venture with someone who makes me a better person.

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